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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

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A friend in a facebook group mentioned a book that is about weight loss by personality type, but it's in French.  I took French all the way through high school and college, because my father was Swiss, so I bought the book as a challenge.

Maigrir sans stress (Lose Weight without Stress)
Alain Golay

Here's the diagram from his book, so I googled the four types and found this:

There are four social types: promoting, facilitating, managing and analyzing.

  • Promoting: -character: stimulating, energetic, enthusiastic, talking bcp, warm, creative, intuitive, assertive, future-oriented, often late, too busy, impulsive, optimistic, dynamic, passionate, active, open, overwhelmed. - basic needs: to be recognized, commended strong-points: openness, goes to the other low-points: reliability, player, not always position to meet its commitments -reactions amid tension: get angry, fight with emotion 
  • Facilitating: -character: friendly, cooperative, sensitive, friendly, confident, cheerful, relaxed, submissive, cautious, often said yes, turned to the past-present-future, listening, attentive, accommodating, has time. -needs fundamental: to be loved, accepted strong-points: accepting, tolerant, accepting environment -point low: authenticity, avoids saying truths that seem to brutal -reaction amid Tension fled obstacle emotionally 
  • Analyzing: -character: patient, cold, speaks little, precise, methodical, accurate, specialized, backward-looking, conscientious, reserved, down, do not take of risk posed, thoughtful analysis. -needs fundamentals: be secure, acquire knowledge strong-points: reliability, is delivering low-points: recessed opening, do not go to the other in a -reaction context of tension: the obstacle leaking "his" logic, after analysis and emotionless 
  • Controlling (Managing): -character: determined, resole, conscious goal, impatient, facing the concrete / the year's profits, interesting results, efficient, busy pressed, direct, demanding, facing the present, shows, shows about. -needs fundamental: to achieve, accomplish a task strong-points : authenticity, and made ​​what he says -point low: acceptance, results, the efficiency above the emotions and feelings of others -reaction amid tension: fight with logic, not emotion (ideal soldier) 
I also found this:

 Promoting: esteem needs  : The need for esteem is the need for consideration of reputation and recognition, fame ... this one is by others or by a group of belonging. Promoting it like to be recognized and welcomed, and appreciated the congratulations and the value of its shares. The promoting will look to shine in public, to be positioned on the challenges that bring it visibility, fame or other gratuity which will highlight the eyes of others.
- Facilitating: the need to belong  : The need to belong is especially necessary to be part of a group and feel accepted by the group. Facilitating the search to be loved, accepted. It focuses on human relationships and understanding between people of his or their groups (clan), with a constant search for consensus
- Analysis: the need for security  : Security requirements are from the aspiration of each of us to be protected physically and morally. The analysis likes to be secure and acquire knowledge that reassures. It will tend to favor proven solutions and dig thoroughly different possible before engaging in one of these options.
- Control: need to accomplish  : The need for self-fulfillment is the need to achieve, to exploit and develop their personal potential in all areas of life. Controlling the search action, perform tasks efficiently and make decisions. This research effectiveness against objectives and challenge he has set, without worrying too much collateral impacts (on his image or human relations).

Now I'm trying to figure out how this relates to the DISC.

  • Could Promoting be Influence? I is T1
  • Could Facilitating be the Steadiness? S is T2
  • Could Analyzing be Compliance/Conscientious? C is T4
  • Could Controlling be Dominance? D is T3


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