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Sunday, March 16, 2014

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There is an archangel correlated with each of the four directions and elements. Raphael is the ArchAngel of the East/Air. Gabriel is the ArchAngel of the West/Water. Michael is the ArchAngel of the South/Fire. And Uriel is the ArchAngel of the North/Earth.

Angels of the Four Directions  
~ taken from Hazel Raven's book,The Angel Bible: The Definitive Guide to Angel Wisdom 

Archangel Raphael:  responsible for the east , the gateway to spirit, illumination, clarity and enlightenment.  It is the direction of new beginnings, of inspiration, illumination and creativity, of the dawn and spring, new births and childhood. Physical representation includes incense sticks, feathers, or chiming bells.

Archangel Michael:  responsible for the south , gateway to the physical, trust and innocence.  It is the direction of vitality, of high noon and hot suns, of summer and the vigorous growth of youth and passion. Physical representation includes candles, essential oil burner, image of the sun.

Archangel Gabriel:  responsible for the west , gateway to emotions, inspiration, intuition and change.  The west is the direction is associated with introspection, of the evening, of autumn and maturity, deepening and ripening. Physical representation includes water, mirror or an image of the moon.

Archangel Uriel:  responsible for the north , gateway to the mind, knowledge, wisdom, philosophy, religion, science.  It is the direction of night, of winter, of wisdom and transformation, of dropping inessentials to reveal the core. Physical representation includes crystals, or religious/spiritual images that inspire you."

Wisdom... Archangel of the West and element of water. Archangel Gabriel will give you guidance on your spiritual growth and direction for your future if you ask him
Peace... Archangel of the North and element of the Earth. Inner peace for your own heart and soul and peace within the family or again planetary can be requested from Archangel Uriel. Ask him to enable you to become a channel for God's peace.
Healing... Archangel of the East and element of Air. Ask Archangel Raphael and his healing angels to help you with physical, emotional and spiritual healing as well as any rifts in relationships which need healing. You can do this on a personal or planetart level.
Protection... Archangel of the South and element of Fire. Ask Archangel Michael to give you physical and emotional protection as well as psychic protection from confrontational situations


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