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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

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Here is a chart of some of the animals representative of the energy of the four types.

Type 1Type 2Type 3Type 4
 Gary SmalleyOtterGolden RetrieverLionBeaver
Improvisers FoxCatalysts DolphinStablizers BeaverTheorists Owl
DonnerFox, Bunny, SquirrelHippo, Bee, AntBear, Rat, BeaverOwl, Giraffe, Peacock
misc.Ape, Goat,
 Rabbit, Deer,
Lamb, Turtle,
 Ox, Bees and
insects, ingenious
German Shephard,
Cat, Bull, bold
and brave
Pig, Cat, Owl,
Panther, Elk

Sanguine http://www.fisheaters.com/quizs.html
Melancholic http://www.fisheaters.com/quizm.html

"Aristotle in the book about the Parts of the animals: some animals  have  a fluid blood, and it can not coagulate, like in the deer and hare, and these animals are fearful because they have a cool and watery blood, and others have it thick and earthy, which immediately freezes, like the bull, and it is still full of fibers, and all these animals are bold and brave because for the earthy and hot blood. While that blood which is colder and more liquid gives strength to the mind, and this difference we see in those animals that even not having blood, have something which is very similar to this kind of blood;  like the Bees, and the  similar insects, which are more ingenious than others which have real blood, and indeed between those who have blood, the opposite ones  which have it cold and delicate, are more ingenious . But those who have it warm, sincere and thin, win on everybody, because they are strong and worth of talent."

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