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Sunday, February 8, 2015

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 I love this book by a Waldorf educator, Dr. Kristie Burns.  Waldorf schools are based on Steiner's suggestions of teaching to children according to the needs of their temperament.

The Temperaments and the Adult-Child Relationship
By Dr. Kristie Karima Burns  KINDLE  and Paperback

She shows all the possible combinations of parental and child temperaments.

Btw, Sanguine is like Spring or T1, Phlegmatic is like Summer T2, Choleric is like Autumn T3, and Melancholic is like Winter or T4.

"For teachers, parents and ALL adults that interact with children - this book is as comprehensive as a textbook but as readable as a novel. Through guides, examples, stories and lessons the reader learns how to type him/herself, family members, students, and friends and to delve into the mysteries of how the different temperaments interact with each other. Because these interactions are unique, depending on the age and relationship of the people, this book focuses only on the adult-child relationship which can differ greatly from the adult-adult relationship or the child-child relationship. However, while this book does focus on the relationships between adults and children, one can also benefit from reading the different sections and applying some of the wisdom to his/her own relationships with other adults or by extrapolating ideas from the sections to help siblings get along better."

See earlier post with several other parenting books based on four type systems.


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